Tuesday, August 22, 2006

do it God's way

So, you've decided to do it God's way...like a child before Him, you've asked Him into your heart…all sins before, now washed away...you're cleansed, His child brand new...Funny how what seemed most important, no longer an issue, for my friend, you decided to do it God's way...He died for you, understand, your burdens have been lifted, anxiety behind...He's always been there for you, yet waited patiently for you to cry out His name…What a joy for His dears and He, to hear from you, He saw your tears, and heard those pleas…His word be your guide, now much to learn...He'll take your hand and anoint each step you take... keep your eyes on the Father, now evil works harder, he wants you back you know...In your heart He resides, peace to forever abound...Be still, only of Him stand in awe...You will witness His works, for a mighty God is He...for in His presence we could not stand...Focus on His power and glory forever, not allowing time as it passes, erase what you've set in motion...He asks not much, to love as He loves...be just, be merciful, walk humbly with Him...His blessings He will bestow, He'll judge by your heart...not your riches or fame...Lift Holy hands to Him, with honor sing your praise...May His spirit breathe upon you...with these begin each day and end with the same, prostrate before Him, your thankfulness proclaim..., He'll speak to each one...To stand in agreement, where are two or more, profound works set in motion, consider them done...Forgiveness will bring you joy, Our Lord He is just, and Faith does move mountains, till your last breath believe...Oh Heaven's celebration, when you decided to do it God's way!


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